Monday, January 19, 2009

Happy MLK Day...

Okay naturally of all the things I could've forgetten to pack, the cable cord for my camera is the one. So there won't be any pictures of the weekend until I get back. But I will tell you this: Contrary to all the media forcasts, DC is NOT a madhouse.

BUT what the media isn't telling you is- we are having a FANTABULOUS time. I mean, the folks are out in every shape, color, and possible length of fur coat. And everyone is HYPE. It sounds super corny but the air feels electric witht he anticipation.

Every time we drive past the Capitol building, I catch my breath. Of course, that could be the trobbing in my meet from all the dancing that I've been doing as well... Regardless,it's all worth it. this is so much better than I could've imagined.



  1. Oh yeah its nice there great get a desposible digital camera and get right. I did need a B-day flick.

  2. you better have some good pictures! i will need to use them to show my friends who think i went lol have a grand time for all of us!! and be safe!

  3. Wow! Looking forward to the pictures.

  4. can't wait to see the pictures ...v

  5. I'm glad you had a good time... I could only imagine! Can't wait to see your pics.