Monday, January 5, 2009

i want the double-reinforced ones...

Wow, I just read the most random and utterly depressing news- Waterford Wedgewood has filed for bankruptcy. Good god, that company has set the standard in fine chine and crystal wares for like forever. And just like that it's a wrap. Dayum...

I swear, at the rate things are going everybody's wedding registry will request paper plates, plastic forks and those big red solo cups. Yeah, I said it.


  1. u know i'm pissy about this since i have 8 settings of my 12 and now i'm gonna wind up with some mismatched ish!

    hopefully i'll be able to get the last 4 at Solo cup prices! Be using Waterford like ikea plates!

    - xoxo from Scotland :)

  2. Crate and Barrel may very well be what we're left with. Ugh...