Wednesday, January 6, 2010

spare me the tell-alls...

I hate to admit it but, I do believe 2009 left me completely void of empathy for the celeb shenanigans. Go figure.

Sure, there was a small part of me that felt shocked when I heard about Gilbert Arenas's simple ass pulling a gun out on his teammate over a gambling debt. But an even greater percentage of my response was very whatever. Like, that's the best you got Gilbert? No offense.

Yeah, after giving it some thought, what I'd really like to see in 2010 is a lot less basic bloopers and silly stunts and a whole hell of a lot more of celebs doing their freaking jobs. You know, ENTERTAIN me.

It sure would be nice to have an exciting championship series or even a fabulous album to discuss... I'm just saying.


  1. Say word, Mitz. Say word. (Though they do keep a sistah employed... LOL!)

  2. Again, all the sillinesss and going on makes me appreciative that my life is pretty frickin' good! That's the truth!