Thursday, January 7, 2010

going (not-so) hard...

As much as I love making them, New Year's Resolutions tend to be a big fat pain in the arse to keep.... ESPECIALLY the one where I promise to workout more regularly and eat healthy foods. Don't ask why but somehow or the other, I always wind up on my couch scarfing down an order of McDonalds greasy (but oh so yummy) fries. Sigh. Those things are dusted with crack I tell you.

But this year is different.

And to prove how committed I am to once and for all achieving this lifestyle change, I'm upping the ante: As of January 7, 2010, I, Mitzi Miller am officially shutting down shop and going celibate until I lose these annoying ass 8lbs that have been hanging around my face and waist since September. Damn you Prednisone.

Mmm-hmm, just like that.

I'm officially on a mission to reclaim my waistline and get these shakey-bakey thighs back under control PRONTO. And you know what they say... if you can speak it you can achieve it. Mind you, I don't know if 'they' ever tried giving up sex but we shall see.

Pray for me (and my libido)...


  1. Ummmm-you look effin ' amazing. Just sayin'....

  2. Awww, thanks! And I feel MUCH better than I did this summer- PRAISE GOD- but my skinny jeans are telling another story. Ang I don't have a child or relationship to blame the muffin top on. SOOOOO- I gotta get focused.

  3. Speaking of McD's fries, isn't it like Christmas all over again when you find one or two more fries at the bottom of the bag?!

  4. Maybe you shouldn't give up sex. How many calories can you lose in a hot, steamy session??? Look, I'm just sayin' . . . . .

  5. I agree with Maria; you look great! I also agree with snfigueroa1126 on steamy sex is the best for burning calories. :) But I understand what you are saying and it is all about how you feel. Those last 8lbs. will be a breeze!