Monday, January 18, 2010

being a better person in 2010...

After a jam-packed weekend in the hot Barbados sun and a HARROWING flight home (which I will describe in greater detail later), I'm back! And just in time to properly celebrate Martin Luther King Day with a day of service.

So I, along with three of my girls will be forsaking our warm beds and joining the illustrious non-profit Hip Hop 4 Life at MS 424 Hunts Point Middle School in the Bronx as they paint inspirational murals, build bookshelves, cubbies, desks and mural benches for libraries & classrooms as well as pack food for those in need. 'Cause not for nothing, at the end of the day, prayers are helpful but some back-breaking work goes a really, really long way.

Hope you too are somewhere doing something more to honor Dr. King and his legacy than scooping up the MLK Day sales... *dead fish eyes*

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