Tuesday, January 5, 2010

making greyhound look sexy...

How ridiculous is it that Joan Rivers got bumped off her flight from Costa Rica because security thought that she was a terrorist? Seriously? The old decrepit white woman with waaaaay too much plastic surgery and a horrible ash blonde dye job? I can't. Between you and me, I think Joan was probably being a pain in the ass and the chick at Continental was like, "Oh yeah bitchy old lady? I'll show you." Mmm-hmm... just. like. that.

But honestly, it still behooves me why everyone in the entire world should suffer this ridiculous backlash because a bunch of lazy ass fools who work for the airport (who were most likely annoyed that they had to work on Christmas) screwed up on the job. Instead of coming up with a bunch of additional rules, wouldn't the smart thing to do have been to FIRE every employee that was working security and missed the mark that day?

I'm just saying. Obviously they never mastered the old rules. So what, you're going to try and tack on MORE information? Do the math.

Sigh. Friendly skies my behind...

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