Tuesday, January 19, 2010

linda carter who?

OMG, I think I just discovered who Beyonce has been stealing all of her recent leotard-clad video moves from.Umm-hmmm... Ladies and gents, I present to you- Miss Tandi Dupree!


Now if the intro doesn't send you into spasms, please just wait on her little jog down the runway around 2:38 min.


When I tell you the fabulous Miss Dupree gave me LIFE on this dreary Tuesday morning??? Trust, I'm headed to the nearest costume store as you read this. Please do not be alarmed if you happen to see me sometime soon high-kicking and plopping down into splits at the drop of a dime on a corner near you.

You know, just for shits and giggles.


  1. Oh, why Lawd? WHY?!
    (Mitzi: Where in the hell do you find this stuff?!)

  2. lol the popping at the end of the runway after the jog is quintessential Beyonce - totally random and yet so interesting to watch...

  3. OMG!!!! They were so serious!! I was DONE when I saw Superman literally THROW her on the floor like a bag of trash into a split.

  4. lolol thank u...i will sleep well tonight lol