Thursday, January 28, 2010

lookin' like he'd serve you cat in a NY minute...

I'll admit, with all the bi-partisan pacifying and Republican ass kissing, Team Obama was truly working my last nerves these past couple of weeks. Yeah, I said it.

But after taking the time to read last night's State of the Union this morning (I was out to dinner with one of the BFFs last night), it's safe to say my unabashed crush on President continues... Sigh.

In fact, I'm in such an upbeat mood, I won't ruin it by getting mired down in all the grisly details of the psycho illegal Chinese immigrant who repeated stalked the owner of a temporary employment agency, attacked with a hammer & knife, killed and ripped out her heart and lungs when the poor woman couldn't find him a job.

Mind you, dude had already been sent to El Paso, Tex., for deportation proceedings four years ago for attacking the same woman. But instead of immediately throwing Huang Chen out of the country, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement put him on supervised release and let him come back to NYC. *blank stare* Mmm-hmm, while ya'll worrying about some Mexicans who just wanna do yard work and take care of their families...

No. No sir, I WILL NOT give in to the dark side today (But feel free to read all about it here).

And let me say this- I sure hope all the Republicans and fake ass 'conservative' Democrats that were sitting their rolling there eyes and throwing shade as Barack implored them to create more jobs get wind of this tragedy. 'Cause times are hard on the boulevard and I assure you, the madness is not going to stop till folks catch a break.

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