Monday, January 25, 2010

e for effort...

So did everyone see the celeb-packed Hope for Haiti Telethon? Really? Must be nice. Unfortunately, thanks to raggedy-ass Time Warner Cable, I didn't get to see SHIT. Nope, not a thing.

But thank God I have friends. So even when I'm unable to witness the well intended tomfoolery firsthand, my peeps are more than happy to run back and report on it. Thanks Mali!

Exhibit A: Madonna

Let's not even bother to discuss her increasing inability to even PRETEND like she can sing (although kudos on bringing in the big Black choir to serve as a distraction). I just want to know, What in the unholy-cut up and snatched back-hell happened to her face???

Why does Madonna look like 50 year-old washed out version Tila Tequila?

And my guess is that she just underwent this latest round of surgeries (yes plural), within the last couple of weeks. Why? Forget about smiling, if you watch closely (okay, not even that closely), you'll see that she's barely able to move her head from side-to-side. Not to mention, her face is still super shiny and swollen (hence, the missing cheekbones). Poor thang.

While I truly admire her willingness to come out of recovery to perform for the cause, I'm just not quite sure this was the best look for the Material Girl. No offense. Perhaps she should've just answered the phones...

Goodness gracious, it sure is hard keeping up with Demi Moore.

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  1. Madonna showing up was powerful. She is a force. All her fans probaby called in and donated at least $25 just because they love her. Not gonna comment on her alledged pastic surgery. Love when she sings "Heaven help me" and all we see is Black people.