Thursday, January 21, 2010

its your lucky day...

Drumroll please!

And according to the winner of the MitziMoments 'Better Booty in 2010' giveaway is...


Congrats my dear! May your new curvy bootleg GAP jeans give your butt the extra lift & umph we all desire!

To receive your prize, please email your mailing info to:

*For the record, the original winner of this contest was actually my fabulous friend and co-author Denene Millner. But since, I already know how ya'll conspiracy/ life-is-a-hook-up folks think, I snatched the prize back and had the computer pick another number. Sorry 'Nene...

1 comment:

  1. SO wrong on SO many levels... but that's all right... I'll get over it... (sniff sniff)... We need to write another book so I can go on ahead and get my own pair of the fabulous dark skinny jeans for "all of this!"