Friday, January 22, 2010

charge it to the game...

Okay here's the thing, when it comes to other folk's relationships, I do my damdest not to judge. If you like it, I love it. If you love it, I adore it. I don't know what compromises it takes for you to close your eyes and go to sleep peacefully next to that man/woman every night. And quite frankly, it's NOT my business.

With that said; while I will never advocate or co-sign on the act of sleeping with/ dating someone who is legally married, I'd be a fool to think it doesn't happen... Shoot, my some of the better people I know and love (heeey Dad!) have been perpetrators of this kind of selfish & thoughtless behavior. Unfortunately, it is what it is.

But by nature, humans are imperfect and bound to make mistakes. The important thing is: You live, you learn, in some cases you get divorced but above all you DISCREETLY move on.

Unfortunately, it seems that recently the concept of discretion has been lost on modern day women and men who practice of tricking. Sigh.

Exhibit A: The random ass, two-bit, former sidepiece of Charles E. Phillips -- president of tech conglomerate Oracle and wait on it... a member of Obama's Economic Recovery Advisory Board. Yeah, he's THAT dude. (Somebody throw me in the coffin NOW, please)

Apparently after Phillips finally ended the 8.5 year long affair in a last ditch attempt to save his family and reconcile with his wife, this bish went and paid at least a quarter million for several BILLBOARD SIGNS across the COUNTRY (3 alone are in NYC. Check it out on the corner of W. 52nd and Broadway) showing pictures of two all hugged up and canoodling with statements that read: Charles & YaVuaghnie... I will love you forever. "


Phillip, Phillip, Phillip... oh buddy, the HATE in my heart for you. 8.5 years? You done stepped out on your wife & kids for EIGHT & A HALF years with a triflin' chick crazy enough to plaster BILLBOARDS around the NATION?? Ultimately you are the one who's most responsible for this madness. And you deserve EVERY sleepless night of embarrassment you endure Mr. Super Exec and Obama Advisory Board Member. You sir, are an unbelievably worthless man.

How-some-ever, instead of billboards I wish she would've messengered this info in a LETTER to every board member at Oracle and the Advisory board. Instead, his wife and kids must suffer this a heartbreaking public humiliation. Cause be clear, no matter what her reasons for staying in this train wreck of a situation, this woman has to wake up every day and swallow the fact that the man she married clearly didn't love her enough to protect her and her children. And that is a bitter pill I hope that no one I care about EVER has to swallow.

And as for YaVaunie (and every other adultress reading this):
Hello??? YOU are the other woman. You know, as in NOT THE WIFE. Stay your no self-esteem having/ trashy-behind in ya lane! I don't care how many times he says he loves you, you are not special. And no ho, they DON'T LEAVE their real families. So, stop trying to drag his entire everybody down in the crazy!

Plastering 3-foot tall billboards is not going to change ANYTHING. You WILLINGLY wasted 8.5 years of your life on someone not worth the phlem on the sole of your shoe. That was YOUR FAULT! Further embarrassing yourself buy putting up these signs and a website dedicted to the relationship is TRAGIC and PATHETIC.

And if it was MY damn husband? The Lord knows I'm trying to be a better person but... After I leave him scarred, penniless, and living in fear for his life under a ROCK somewhere, please believe I'm coming to kick your ass too!

Bet on that.


  1. LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!! (wiping tears)!!!!!!

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  3. After I picked myself up from the floor from laughing so hard at your comments. I had to give my two cents on this train wreck. Wow, when I first saw this story it floored me that this jump off would honestly think this tactic gives her some sort of power. First off, when she agreed to continue an 8 1/2 yr relationship with someone's husband, where did she think it was going? One clear lesson and huge note to self: DON'T BE A JUMP OFF! there's no future! Now she is out of some serious cash in her attempt to humiliate a scoundrel however the backlash will unfortunately fall on his family. Just dumb!

  4. Wow..................................

  5. CHUUCH!!!!!!

    LOL at the "no self-esteem having a$$ adultresses." It's so true. You would think that after nearly of decade of wasting life away with a man who is already taken and is clearly not going anywhere, that she would have finally gotten a clue and moved on.

    And on the flip side, that's what Phillip's trifling behind get! WTF is wrong with cheating a$$ men who just don't know how to do it right. Not that I condone cheating but if you're going to do it, do it right, ie, cheat with someone who has just as much to lose as you do, not some trifling skank who will do anything for notariety and a quick dollar. smh

    When will people learn...

  6. Denene was right - never a dull moment. I enjoyed your take!