Tuesday, January 26, 2010

bout to become an addict...

Lemme find out someone at Time Warner reads my blog...

After an entire week of no cable (the fuse in the box blew when I plugged it back into the socket after being away) and no available service dates, I unexpectedly received a call from the customer service center. And what do you know? Because I only own one measly TV, the dispatcher informed me that they would be able to move my appointment up from Thursday the 28th to yesterday afternoon- WOO HOO!

So not only was I able to watch the Fantasia show craziness last night for the first time (why had no one put me on to the tomfoolery that is Tasia and her brother Teeny??) but thanks to a much belated upgrade in my cable plan, I used my new DVR service- don't judge me- to tape my long standing obsessions, Intervention and Hoarders.

Anyhoo, now that I've finally joined the new millennium, I need a list of shows to become addicted to... I already enjoy Modern Family but what are your thoughts on Community? Is anyone besides my girl Joan still watching Desperate Housewives? And what about Celebrity Fit Club? I haven't watched that in a couple seasons but since Sharr Jackson AND K-Faterline are contestants this go 'round, I'm kinda curious.

I'm just saying.


  1. Celebrity Fit Club all the way!! And check out Bad Girls on Oxygen. I need someone to watch the madness with me!!! Of course there is Project Runway, Top Chef and of course Keeping up With the Kardashians!! Ok, so I really need to join a 2 step program for bad reality shows, but everyone has their vices, right?

  2. HA! Welcome to the insanity of the DVR! You will NOT be able to live without it! I echo the above selections and suggest ALL of the Bravo Housewives shows, Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice and Cougartown(on ABC). I tape many more shows, but I will refrain and not let others know about my illness! LOL!

  3. Project Runway, of course, and my favorite, Dexter! You can find the latter on sidereel.com - SO good and highly addictive!

  4. Damages, House, Project Runway, All the CRAZY Housewives,oh and when it's back, Flippin' Out!

  5. Community is the funniest show on tv.

  6. Teen mom and celeb rehab (although i don't reeeaally watch this show..i caught a glimpse yesterday of that train wreck called Heidi Fleiss and um yeah) ooohhh and I survived on Bio (scaaaary!)