Tuesday, January 12, 2010

should've been somewhere singing...

Psst! Psst! Aye yo Usher, lemme holla at you right quick?

So yeah, the last time I checked, the new millenium Great Depression was bearing down on our country. Folks who have never wanted for anything are suddenly struggling and looking for a quick and easy score and that's to say nothing of those who started on the fringe. In light of this (pretty common) information, what in the world would make you or ANY OTHER IDIOT leave $1 million dollars of jewelry & electronics and wait on it... an additional $50K of furs inside a parked car??

And no, I don't care that you left it in front of a busy shopping mall! Dummy.

Like seriously? According to personal friends that live in the nicer ATL-area, negroes are kicking in doors and jacking cars from driveways in the broad daylight on some real reckless 80's type ish. And you wanna try the people with diamonds and furs? C'monSON! Even if the economic climate doesn't affect you personally, Im'ma need you to pick up a newspaper, turn on the news and be aware of what's happening around you.

I'll admit, normally I find these this type of tomfoolery entertaining. But this time, I really hope this story isn't true. 'Cause this may sound horrible but if it is true, I hope your dumbass doesn't get a freaking DIME from the insurance company. If you have so much surplus that it doesn't occur to take good care of it, please don't cry me no crocodile tears after the fact.



  1. Girl, I don't steal but I would have hit his ass too! I would have made a "lick" on the streets...chanting in the hood "hot sh-t, hot sh-t who wants some hot sh-t?" LOL!