Thursday, January 14, 2010

i second that emotion...

Praise God my flight into Barbados went off without a hitch or even a single crying ass baby!

So now I'm here and slowly settling in. You know, it takes a minute to unwind from the New York state of mind. Plus it prob didn't help that I damn near got arrested at the customs counter for not knowing the exact name of my host hotel. Who knew it was that serious? Sigh. Don't judge me.

For the record, press trips are always a gamble when it comes to the group of journalist that you're going to be stuck with for said amount of days. But I'm relieved to report that I'm in the company of some seriously hilarious females writers. My faves, Tracy a.k.a @wonkabar is a young upstart at the new (ain't life ironic?) and Charay a.k.a @mamazun writes for some travel mag but more importantly, she's a spoken word poet who swears that her cadence has nothing in common with what we remember from Love Jones (oh please believe, I've been throwing mad side-eye on that ALL day 'cause Lord knows I can't stand the power-to-the people/ oil 'n incense/ bull'ish).

I forsee lots of tomfoolery over the next couple of days....

And as if the blue skies, ridiculous rum punch and making MORE new friends wasn't enough, for the first time I watched Smokey Robinson perform live! Woah. That blue-eyed brother is the truth. His show was like 2.5 hours cause the catalog is so sick. And I'm not even gonna get into the outfit changes. From the shiny baby blue suit to the bright red leather pants to the ... let's just say the man is an entertainer. I'll be snapping my fingers and humming 'My Girl' for a hot min.

Sing it with me now....

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