Thursday, April 1, 2010

worth the waste of time...

Well lookey here! Just when I was getting completely bored by all of my fave gossip blogs, the NYT has identified what they consider to be 'The Rising Stars of Gossip Blogs.'

Ahh, praise the good Lord for the tools of procrastination!

Although it should come as no surprise that 9 out of 10 of the aforementioned blogs cater solely to mainstream celebs/ interests (read: what white people like and spend ridiculous amounts of free time wondering about). *side-eye* I'm still happy to have a couple of options to my tad bit tiresome DListed, Necole Bitchie and YBF line-up. No offense.

So I guess we shall see if any of these newcomers ultimately warm the blood like a good Crunk & Disorderly post... Or will my wandering mouse be right back to Bossip for the half-cocked tomfoolery.


  1. You will be going back to Bossip! They are hilarious and biting...Whooo! Off for a dose right now!

  2. What a snore this list was... who, exactly, was pushing the envelope here?