Tuesday, April 27, 2010

file a missing persons report...

This is really random but... what in the world happened to Jennifer Lopez?

No, not as in what physically happened to her but more like what happened to the IDEA of Jennifer Lopez? You know the unstoppable Latina flygirl who armed with a black girl booty, bedazzled bandanna headbands, and relentless off-key hit songs rode that 6-train till the doors fell off? I'm just saying...

Jenny from the Block was living proof that with the right no-slip double-sided tape anything was possible.

And now what?

Lat year's highly-anticipated return album went certified double dust (who in the hot hell thought a song reppin' $900 Louboutin shoes at the height of a freaking recession was a good look??) and her new movie (which I actually kinda thought had a cute premise) straight belly flopped. Oh and let's not even talk about how her patented moniker got snatched and recycled by greasy looking self-proclaimed guidette, J.Woww.


You ain't hear it from me but, Marc Anthony gots to be the devil.


  1. Um she has a nazi of a publicist because she was just given some Style Icon of the Decade accolade by Us Weekly and they had a huge media red carpet shin ding. She is killing it on the carpet right now and rather than her movie receiving recognition her sense of style is.

    Someone at the board table at the studio feels like she is a commodity.

  2. she is a living example of what happens when you have the nerve to have no talent,get straight played by an unsexy white guy ( i mean Ben Affleck?) an aging group of fans and the audacity to only take movie leads where your name is Charlotte and Gertrude instead of Rosie and Mercedes...sooner or later that ish is gonna catch up to you.