Thursday, April 15, 2010

it aint right but i understand...

Please don't let the recent jump in the Dow Jones fool you. Unfortunately, hard times from this international recession seem to be far from over. And therefore, we should all continue to be on the lookout for the crazy. Cause just when you least expect it, it's out there.

Case in point: The 65 year-old woman in Amsterdam that felt like she had been overcharged on monthly utility bill.

Apparently grandma tried to contact the utilities company to dispute the outrageous bill (which was almost $84,000 American bucks) but the electricity got cut off before she could make the call. So when the utilities worker showed up talking about he was gonna cut off all her service, don't you know homegirl LOCKED THAT ASS UP!?!?!?


Mmm-hmm, talking about, she wasn't letting him turn off a damn thing until the company addressed the cause of the overpayment and set up some sort of payment plan. But wait on it... why the police had to come and arrest 'ole girl before she was willing to let dude go??? I can't.

Imagine trying to explain to your family and friends that you were trapped and locked up by a damn senior citizen. DEAD. I know that dude was pissed! Here he probably thought it was going to be an in-and-out job. At most, lasting no more than 15 min. Uh-uh, not even close... Senior Sally was on some straight Stephen King, MISERY type 'ish. Trapping folks like wild animals!

Tell you what- I don't care what his salary was before this, they just don't pay enough for the crazy I tell ya. Nope, not at all.


  1. Sometimes, I feel like yoking up a utility work too. Bills are so high these days and they are so quick to shut everything off. Its ridiculous. In the old days they would work with you. These days it seems like their your worst enemies. Kudo's to her! Yoke up some of my bill collectors too!

  2. I'm with old girl. I'm about to go to Amex and wild out. LMAO!