Wednesday, April 7, 2010

spirit sucks anyway...

Here's the thing- I understand that the rising prices of gasoline makes the cost of air travel ridiculous. So as much as I resent the idea, if I insist on checking a bag, then I simply suck it up and pony up the extra moolah. End of the story. But there is a limitation to the stupidity. And ladies and gentlemen, I do believe Spirit Airlines has jumped the shark.

According to Metro Newspaper, as of August 1st Spirit Airlines intends to charge passengers up to $45 for any carry-on luggage they store in the overhead compartments. No hun, you read that correctly- you can only bring one item that fits under your seat or you're going to be charged an additional fee.

Oh and wait on it... when questioned about the new policy the smartass Chief Operating Officer of Spirit Ken McKenzie replied, "Bring less, pay less. It's simple."


Err-um Kenny boy, how about this - More fees, less passengers. That's simple too.

Seriously? This is ridiculous. How often does the average person board a plane to go somewhere that only requires one change of clothes and a toothbrush? So what, now you're going to have folks blocking access to the aisles because they're trying to cram an overnight bag under the seat to save $50.

Boo, hiss, boo.


  1. That's just greedy -wayne ski

  2. No more spirit airlines for me.... EVER...