Friday, April 23, 2010

ain't nothing sexy 'bout this...

Gotta be honest, when I first saw the headlines about Naomi Campbell's most recent attack my knee jerk reaction was to yawn. Like, so what? Another day, another backhand. It's freaking Naomi Campbell for God's sake. She's probably just off her meds or some such nonsense.

But thanks to the wonders of insomnia, I find myself with the time and energy to find out who caught a bad one. And I gotta say...I'm kinda disgusted with Na-Na for this.

Apparently she slapped a camera out of the hands of the guy who was filming her for ABC News. The reason? The interviewer confronted her about her involvement with the war crimes trial of former Liberian strongman Charles Taylor.

For those who aren't familiar with Taylor, he is the former President of Liberia and the mastermind behind a civil war that ultimately led to an ethnic conflict of EPIC portions. In addition to embezzlement, this maniac has been accused of the widespread conscription of children as soldiers, assisting rebel forces in Sierra Leone with weapon sales in exchange for blood diamonds, and ordering acts of atrocities against civilians that have left many thousands dead or mutilated, with unknown numbers of people abducted and tortured.

READ: This negro is the mother f'kin' SPAWN OF SATAN.

But back to Naomi- It looks like back in the day when C.T was the President of Liberia; him, Naomi and her homegirl Mia Farrow were invited to vacay w Nelson Mandela. While there, it's alleged that dude gave Naomi some ridiculously huge diamond as a token of his affection. Must be nice, huh?

As luck would have it, because of its unique size this particular stone is one of the few with a history that can be traced directly back to the conflict in Sierra Leone and the illegal slave trade. And in essence, send this psycho to jail for life.

But wait on it... ya favorite diva is refusing to testify. Uh-huh, talking about, Mia is a liar (b/c Mia is testifying that Ms. Campbell bragged about the gift at breakfast the morning after), she never received the diamond and further more she's not going to speak about it. The End. And oh yeah, BAM. She smacked the camera to the floor.


Now, I really, really want to give Na-Na the benefit of the doubt on this and say that she never received any such gift. Cause it's one this to be a raging, bi-polar, glamazon bitch who truly believes she's so fabulous she's above the law. But it's another thing to aide and abeit a dude that co-signed on training babies to be killers and chopping folks hands off with machetes. So God forbid, if that skinny heifer is just lying to keep in good graces with that uber rich and powerful clique that she runs with...



  1. If she did receive the ring, this is too sick!

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  3. @ Anonymous I'm not sure what that comment was about but this is not the place for it. Everyone is welcome to read the blog but please keep the personal stuff off. Thanks.

  4. I'm sayin! Naomi is a real peace of work! I believe she has the diamond still & Just doesn't want to admit to the whole situation because she'll have to give it up!

  5. Hit dog hollers, or rather, hit dog hits cameraman...