Friday, April 16, 2010

no return postage due...

Even though there's no such thing as a weekend for the self-employed, I really do love the idea of a Friday. Yep. Love 'em almost as much as I hate psychopaths, rapists, child abusers. Blank Stare. 'Cause I don't care who snatched your teddy bear from you as a child, I simply will never have any sympathy for those who get off on hurting other people.

Today's example: 24 year old Brandon Joshua-Frederick Hayes.

This wack ass white boy systematically beat and tortured his girlfriend's 4-year old son to DEATH. Why? Because the kid had nightmares and couldn't stop wetting his pants. Oh, that and he was salty because the little boy's father refused to pay child support so it 'became his burden.' (As if this illiterate fool had a real job. Apparently, he sold drugs out of their apartment for a living)


You know, I think we can all pretty much agree that Brandon and the mother need to go have a seat in an electric sometime very soon. Cause I simply behooves me how any woman could continue to willing live with a man that's beating your own flesh and blood so viciously that he winds up brain dead. So perhaps, a quick trip back to God will help you do better on the next go round. I'm just saying.

But not for nothing, I think there's definitely something to be said about the unnamed dead beat dad as well. I wonder if men realize that when they walk away from their kids they leave them susceptible to this type of abuse. Like, even if you wanted absolutely NOTHING to do with the mother, its still your baby. How can you show such a complete disregard for your own offspring? I just don't get it...

How are you gonna live with yourself knowing that this creep used your lack of character and responsibility to MURDER your own son?

Good luck.


  1. Of course it all seems like common sense to average person. Have child... be a parent, protect and pay for your kid...In abusive relationship...get out. Unfortuantly, for many children their parents arent hooked up right and either suffer from serious mental health issues and/or sunstance abuse issues. I have seen more programs put into place over the past couple of years in the school/aftercare programs for children. However, there is very little mandating of parents to take courses, counseling, etc. It is obviously good that we are providing these services to the child who oftnetimes will mimic their parents behavior, repeat cycles of abuse and/or suffer serios mental health issues as a result. The problem is Human services is so overloaded with cases of deadbeat dads and moms that so many are overlooked. Having worked with both sides of the equation...the only thing i can say is that people are screwed

  2. The above was posted by me..but i did not know how to put my name....
    Kim Hartley