Thursday, July 16, 2009

you're better than me...

I so love reading about President Obama making power moves...  first and foremost pushing forward on the much-needed health care reform and then reversing an ignorant ass George Bush policy that argued severely battered and sexually abused foreign women couldn't meet the standards of American asylum law.* Sigh.  

Nothing sexier than a man on a mission to change the world.

But since the weather is FINALLY warming up, thought we'd keep it light and discuss a really, really old poll question that I almost forgot about my damn self: Have you ever used a prescription/ non-prescription drug to enhance your sexual experience?

And for the first time, I got a unanimous decision- 100% of you guys said - NEVER.

Okay, pause.  Seriously? NOBODY has EVER smoked a little weed, popped ecstasy, used one of those over the counter creams to help the erection last longer or slathered on a gel to make the vajay-jay tingle???? Feel free to insert: serious side-eye right HERE.

Now, I'm not copping to exactly what I've done (or worse, whats on my list of things to try before its all said and done) but lets just say that on this right here, I'm definitely NOT one in the 100. 

*Be sure to click on the link and read about the crazy court case that kicked off this battle with the former Bush administration.  Home girl's common-law husband was repeatedly raping her at gun point, holding her captive, stole from her and even tried to burn her alive when he found out that she was pregnant. Crazy. 

Not for nothing, but it makes a sista wanna give her a nice, strong purse strap...

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  1. I missed the poll but I'll be that 1 to tell the truth, products get used in my house and we ain't ashamed to say so! lol