Friday, July 31, 2009

'n' for nice try...

Wow, its a hard week for the Obamas, huh?

First Barack tries to hold his man 'Skip' down and winds up having to suck salt and have a couple of brews with a man that 9 times outta 10 probably didn't even vote for him.  And now, it turns out that the soil in Michelle's beautiful vegetable garden was fertilized by straight up sewage sludge.  Mmm-hmm... READ: every and anything you toss/ flush/ washes down our sewer drains.  

Just let me know when your stomach settles... 'cause the visual on that is a bit much.

Apparently, that damn Clinton administration used a sludge-based product to fertilize the garden back in the 1990s and the effects are STILL lingering.  So when the National Park Service recently tested the soil beneath the garden to see if the vegetables/ fruit could quality for organic certification, it discovered elevated levels of lead averaging 93 parts per million. Mind you, the EPA recommends that you do not even try to grow food in any soil that tests at 100ppm or higher. 

So um yeah, about feeding all the innocent kids in America a salad?  Yeah,  survey says, no thank you.

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