Wednesday, July 29, 2009

the real king of new york...

Wait a minute, why is Mayor Bloomberg so freakin' GANGSTA??

According to this morning's NYT, since Bloomberg Administration has not been able to curtail or reduce the problem of overcrowding in the city shelters over the past two terms they've now resorted to KICKING non-native homeless families up out of the city.  Yes sir... On some real live, 'No. Actually, you can't make it here. So please proceed to carry your ass the hell on back to wherever you came from.'  

Okay well maybe they're not saying it like exactly that... But the good Mayor is funding a voucher program that "offers" to send entire homeless families anywhere outside of New York City a relative is willing to take them in. Mmm-hmmm...

And apparently there is no limit on how far these displaced families can go.  To date, one-way tickets have been purchased to 24 states and 5 continents including: Paris, Johannesburg, Orlando, San Juan and the list goes on.

But my favorite part?  They wanna act like they care about the well being of the families and that this not about getting the number of homeless down so that he can have a justifiable reason for seeking a third term.  talking 'bout it's all voluntary and that "once a family  leaves New York, homeless service officials follow up with a phone call to make sure they arrive safely, then make a few more calls over the next two to three weeks." Um, somebody please feel free to insert the hard side-eye cause I. Can't. Take. It.

All I'm saying is... if it saves me tax dollars, I'm for damn sure not mad. But I see you Mike.  I see you.


  1. He is going to send them right where they sent the last wave of homeless people. To Newark, NJ....*SIGH*

  2. Eh, I dunno, I read the article and it sounds like a decent deal to me. Anyone in a homeless shelter (whether you were born elsewhere or you're a native New Yorker) can accept (or decline) the city's offer to relocate them. Listen, NYC is a no-joke city. The cost of living here is high and jobs aren't falling from the sky. So if you (and your entire family) can relocate to a city with a better job market where you can potentially start anew on the city's dime, psssh, sounds like good money to me.
    BTW-You're stupid for that picture.