Tuesday, July 14, 2009

the blueprint...

So I went by the NAACP Convention site (the New York Hilton on 6th Ave) yesterday afternoon to kinda scope out the lay of the land and try to drum -up a little last minute publicity for today's signing- 'cause you know mama is all about the grass root movement. 

And can I tell you?  There are SO MANY black people in that damn building!! It was like a multi-generational HBCU campus..... Crazy. Please don't let anyone fool you, the NAACP is still alive and kicking.

I was thinking, if Vernon Jordan was really smart, he'd cut all that damn rallying down and start a NAACP dating service.  You know something like, www.blackfolkwithcommonsensemeet.com.  Fifty bucks says the registration numbers would be through the ROOF!!! and then, when you had successful matches, people might be more willing to give back and donate. I can see it now- "I met my husband at the NAACP and now, we're lifetime members." 

Mmm-hmmm, laugh if you want... But I digress.

For those coming out this afternoon (4-6p), the Author's Pavilion is on the 3rd floor in the back to your left.  Just take the escalators straight up and then hang a left when you walk in. You can't miss it or me- in my pretty dress.

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  1. stop giving away good business ideas for free ;)...and though i may not make the author's pavillion should i be swinging by in a cute dress for the NAACP "let out"...j/k...well sort-of...