Friday, July 17, 2009

all the places we won't go...

Huh.  Halfway through July and I still can't figure out where to go on vacay this summer... Sigh, it's not looking good for the kid. 

For a second, I was thinking I'd go back to the Bahamas cause I absolutely LOVED their beaches... but that was before I heard about the family of feral pigs that have started swimming in the ocean.  Mmm-hmm... Feel free to insert blank stare with three blinks.

Apparently, the parents and piglets were once domestic and now running amuck in the wild.  They've made their home on Big Major Spot Island beach.  And have no qualms about swimming alongside the visiting tourists.  Um, how do I best say this?  No ma'am.

But pigs in the ocean is nothing compared to the crappy tourism pr West Virginia is dealing with right about now.  Where else in the WORLD do you hear about someone breaking into a house to have sex with a DOG??? What in the unholy-inbred-missing-chromosome hell is that? 

Uh-uh. I. Will. Not.

Maybe this is a sign from above that I need to keep my behind local. You know, pull a folding lawn chair out onto the sidewalk, relax with the corner boys and let the hood entertain me.


  1. Ah it must be nice to have enough moola to actively choose a place to visit. I'd look online for travel deals, and whichever place has the cheapest air fare has me. (also all the money you've saved on the flight can go towards a banging hotel)

  2. Um, I just came back from the Bahamas. And, I didn't know pigs could swim. *bathes in bleach*