Monday, July 20, 2009

sorry Corky...

Slow news days... that is unless you want to discuss Michael Vick coming off of house arrest or that Chris Brown's bodyguard is allegedly selling his sneakers on Twitter. Yeah, me neither.  

So I guess we'll go to the polls.  Ah, here's a good one we never got to talk about:  
What's a bigger turn-off: a filthy kitchen or a nasty bathroom?

14%- filthy kitchen
85%-nasty bathroom

Mind you, I'm far from a neat freak.  If anyone understands a little clutter in the NYC sized one bedroom it's the girl who works in her living room. But a grimy kitchen or bathroom?  Oh hells naw, the sight of either one of the two are deal breakers.  Period, with no discussion to be had.

But if I must choose one evil over another, I'm going with the majority- the bathroom is a bigger problem. 

Because not for nothing, we can always eat out but at some point, my weak bladder is going to betray me.  And I WILL have to pee.  And not that I'm ever sitting down on anybody's toilet seat besides my own BUT just the sight of gross brown bowl underneath me is too much.  Oh and what about when I go to wash my hands?  What am I supposed to turn on the faucet with the edge of my fingernails?? No thank you. 

It's like how do you expect me to believe that you were able to truly get clean in a filthy bathroom? No way. I'm not buying it.  Which in essence makes you a perpetually dirty individual.... which can only mean that you carry more than your fair share of germs... which means you're going to make me sick.  Uh-Uh, Simon says stop right there. 

And big picture?  Why don't you care enough to clean? You knew I was coming... What neuron didn't fire off the message to your brain that it's not appropriate to allow the person that you're dating/ trying to be intimate with to spend time in the crib when your bathroom is unclean? No ma'am. 

Call me an elitist but I'm just not the one for dating the disabled. You and all those little hair from when you shaved  your beard off have gots to do better.                 

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  1. forreal! Honestly, I cannot tolerate either area being dirty, but if I had to choose I GUESS i'd go with the bathroom (that MUST be sanitary). But I also gotta eat in the kitchen...