Monday, July 6, 2009

me,myself and i...

So after debating back and forth for some time, a good friend of mine (who shall forever remain nameless) got this AMAZING but EXTREME haircut. Mind you, I'm not saying she is the only person in the whole world with the particular style but it's def the first in her immediate circle of friends.  Which is always kinda hot, right?

Well don't you know, not even a week and a half later one of her homegirls called her FROM the chair in the local beauty salon asking/telling her that she wanted the exact same hairstyle too (cause at the point that you're i the chair, you're so not asking). And wait on it... could my friend explain to her stylist how the cut was done??

Err-um, what in the-hand-rocks-the cradle-hell?

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I hear folks on the whole "imitation is the sincerest form of flattery" party line. BUT lemme tell you something... forreal, foreal? When it comes to MOST women (cause there are always the A-list celeb exceptions) that mantra does NOT, I repeat DOES NOT apply to three things: hair, handbag or shoes. Straight. Up.

And don't try me on it. We are too grown.  I do not want to be surrounded by a circle of clones. Go get your own style, dammit. I can barely cobble mine together without you encroaching on my ish!

Survey says, LAME.


  1. I just want to offer that a summer cut is a welcome, universal change for everyone. Otherwise, ditto on the sentiment. Go get your own!

    (I also like to think that I am so unique that all my friends could wear the same thing and we wouldn't look alike. But that's because I'm the recessive gene. Not one of; THE!)

  2. Amen, and the doors of the church are open! After months of searching, I finally found a seamtress to duplicate several dresses for me that flattered my, ahem, "figure challenges" perfectly. Well, no sooner did I wear it then my 'girls' wanted one for themselves!!! What the Hell!!! Seamstress and I shut them DOWN. Don't flatter me with that imitation ish; go flatter yourself.