Tuesday, July 28, 2009

carry your own weight...

Okay see now... 

I'm just as worried as the next American about the sky-rocketing costs of medical care.  Shoot, truth be told, probably a little more so considering I got the nerve to be a self-employed liver transplant recipient and whatnot. HOWSOMEVER, what we're NOT gonna do is blame fat people for all of our problems in the 23.5 hour.  

Uh-uh, all these recent recent reports about obesity-related health issues costing the US $147 billion dollars a year?  No ma'am, I will not co-sign...

Why? Cause real talk? We're all responsible. Those of who watched bedridden people get lifted out of homes with a crane and the lil' Maury kids roll themselves on and off the stage every week like it wasn't a big deal are just as guilty as the individuals who allowed themselves to become overweight b/c of sheer laziness and then developed health issues (as opposed to a medical condition being the REASON they were overweight to begin with).  Yeah, I said it.

Our country didn't JUST become the land of the steroid-infused chickens, triple Whoppers and Diet Cokes.  We've been overindulging for YEARS!! So don't get mad now that the babies you raised on Twinkies, packaged sandwich meats and watching TV instead of going outside to run around don't have the slightest clue how to drop those extra HUNDRED or so pounds. 

Jesus be the government that put half as much energy into making sure folks have just as much access to affordable healthy foods/ information on how to live better/ gym memberships as we do a $1 menus/frozen dinners/ happy hours at the local bar. 

Maybe then, things might truly be a whole lot different.

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