Friday, July 10, 2009

r.i.p. drama...

When my BFF put her dog to sleep a couple of years ago, she confessed, "I loved that dog more than I like most people." And I was like, damn. But you know what? It's real.

I adopted my bad ass dog from the North Shore Animal League during one of the most challenging times in my life: while waiting for my liver transplant. From the outside, you might think that I rescued her from an animal shelter. But truth be told, Drama rescued me.

She kept my company when I felt most alone, made me laugh when all I wanted to do was cry and was a reason to get out of my bed on the scary days that I thought I couldn't take another step. Without saying a single word (or even bark) Drama never left my side.

*Granted, if you ever, ever, ever made the mistake of letting the runaway queen off the leash at the beach/ park it'd take forever and a day for her to heed the command words and come back. But I digress...

Over twelve and a half years, I watched Drama grow from an awkward chubby puppy who refused to play fetch into a big ass old dog who had way too many likes and dislikes for a 4-legged animal and clearly thought she was the boss of me.

And foreal, forreal? She totally was.

I am so lucky for all time we shared.


  1. There really are no words that will console you. but f you need someone to help celebrate her life I am here

  2. my condolences ....Now she's in a better place..V

  3. Oh Mitzi, I am truly so very sorry. You summed it up really well - I also love my dog way more than I even am willing to tolerate most people. I lost a pet a few years ago and I still cry every time I think about him. I know it's too early to think about and please don't think I am being insensitive, because I am not. When you've started to heal, please consider adopting another puppy. There are so many that need a home and someone as loving as you to share that home with.

    Again, I am so sorry for your loss.



  4. I'm sorry you lost such a good friend. I'm sure Drama knew she was holding you down. Take good care of yourself.


  5. You and Dramita had something really special Mitz. She was a quirky, sometimes greedy, sometimes funny-acting, lovable, hilarious old girlwith waaaay to much human diva-attitude for a canine. I miss her already. Know that she knew how much you loved her and more importantly, that you knew how to love her. And that you knew when to let her go. You gave her your best — and then some.

    Love you both,

  6. So sorry you lost Drama. I often think about getting a dog and then I am reminded that I don't want to be attached to anything else right now. I hope you feel better. Pets are family, too.

  7. I am so sorry for your loss. You gave him the best life you could and he clearly did the same for you.

  8. Oh, damn. I'm SO sorry... I know you LOVE that dog, and that dog sure did love him some Mitzi. This hurts like hell. R.I.P. Drama—you're the dog.

  9. I've decided that my go-to Drama image will be her giving me the side-eye when I first met her....nothing personal, divas don't let just anyone in their space. So thanks to both of you for giving me the nod.

    Love you Mz.Drama the Diva Dog and Love you Mitz. You're amazing that you loved her enough to let her go on her time.


  10. Why did I tear up after reading this? You make me sick Mitzi!!

    Nikki C.