Wednesday, July 1, 2009

may the GAP be with you...

Random: so the other day I received an email from a unknown marketing company rep named Justine asking whether I'd be interested in becoming a Gap Brand Enthusiast. According to her email, somehow or another, they'd stumbled on my blog, enjoyed the tomfoolery and wanted to see if I was down to test out the new 'Born To Fit' line of GAP jeans before they hit the stores this fall for, wait on it... FREE.   

Oh please believe, I  just knew this was one of those African-money-laundering-pyramid schemes.  Not to mention that I haven't comfortably fit into a pair of GAP jeans since I was in freaking college. But then I reconsidered and was like what the hell?  Nothing ventured, nothing gained, right?

Turns out that not only is this operation very legit but in addition to the jeans, if selected (of course there's a whole process) not only will I get to try out the new jeans, but for the next year I'll also get all the latest and greatest releases from GAP!!  

Err-umm free clothes for a year in the middle of a recession? Can the church get an amen???

Then wait on it... to sweeten the deal, Justine ends the meeting by taking me shopping for an outfit at the nearby GAP store!! I copped the most comfy summer weight cardigan (I'm actually wearing it in my profile photo), a great pair of linen trousers, a pretty gray sweater top that you will probably be seeing on TV sometime sooner or later and a silk tank top that's gonna be hot to death with my white jeans. Mmm-hmmm, just like that.
So anyhoo, we shall see. I assume that they'll be making their decision within the month. Fingers crossed... If nothing else, THANKS JUSTINE. This post is for you.


  1. Okay, jealous. Very jealous. I wish someone would offer my free clothes -- and comfortable ones at that! (((sigh)))

  2. why doesn't this crap EVER happen to me??

  3. Damn. You get all the good stuff.
    Not hatin'. Just sayin'.
    And Gap needs to make some jeans that fit booty, hips AND waist at the same time. Justine, baby, if you're reading this? Tell the powers that be to put into the grown folk jeans those little button thingamajigs they have in the kid clothes to make the waist tighter. I'd LIVE in some GAP jeans if they did that for a coke bottle sistah... welcome.

  4. Good Luck!! Free clothes, is a great come up