Wednesday, July 8, 2009

grown folk bidnezz...

When I first sat down to write, my knee jerk reaction was to discuss how much I enjoyed yesterday afternoon's MJ Tribute. Like seriously, I think I cried for at least two hours straight. Especially when J-Hud and her 8-month pregnant self murdered 'Will You Be There.' But since my out-of-wack hormones are a personal issue and you can read detailed coverage damn near any and everywhere, I figure we'll move on. 

Unfortunately, there really isn't anything to move on to... the Steve McNair drama is ongoing and more depressing by the moment, Plaxico Burress is still tryin' to figure out how to avoid going to jail for 3 years behind that incident where he shot himself and some poor 2 year-old in England was crushed to death by his parent's ginormous flat screen when it fell off the wall. Sigh.

So what say we discuss a recent poll?  Ahh... here's a good one: Should you toss the lingerie rec'd from an ex or is it okay to wear it for the next?

This question actually came from my homeboy JC, who was mortified to discovered that a woman he knew (in the biblical sense) was recycling the pretty panties. In fact, he thought it was borderline blasphemy.  And wait on it... this highly educated, well-rounded, extensive traveled, sensitive, giving, forreal, forreal no b.s GOOD Black man actually wanted to debate whether he'd be wrong for snatching back all the panties he's ever bought over the course of his very well seasoned life. 

Uh-yeah, please feel free to insert the blank stare and three blinks. Cause even if you agree with him, Indian giving is waaay too 3rd grade for my nerves.

But anyhoo, that's a whole other poll.  Now, when it comes to the question of the drawers, survey says: 
28% agree- trash and start fresh
71% disagree- rinse and recycle

Sorry JC, but I told you so. 

If it makes you feel any better, in our heart of hearts, I think most women really want to be able to roll with the 28% that are able to trash and start fresh.  But there's a huge difference between what a girl wants and what a woman is able to do. 

And regrettably, it is HARD out here for a pimp. While I might be able to catch a little hook-up on some GAP clothes here and there (I hope you guys are still praying), unless you're living a life where there's a good chance of paparazzi vying for pics of your panties, ain't no hand-outs coming 'round from La Perla no time soon. Okay? 

Not to mention trying to: A) find the time to shop for lingerie that fits properly (don't act like that's not an all day affair) and B) afford the items that really really set it off (cause no matter how much they redesign, the VS just isn't cutting it nowadays) is A LOT.  God forbid I were to just up and chuck EVERY single pair of cute drawers and etc that I've received over the years, neither one of us would like what was left. Believe that.

So until I meet the man that I can march up into Henri Bendel for a complete re-up without catching a whole lotta side-eye (read: bitch please) action, me and the majority are just gonna stock up on the Woolite coupons.


  1. ROFL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    My God, you're insane!

    But I totally agree... drawers cost WAY too much to be trashing so the next can feel like he's conquering new ground...

  2. LOVES IT!!!!
    But the fact that your boy recognizes the necessity to gift his girl with the pretty panties is such a come-up that I think he needs to start a blog and dedicate it to the moronic men who, well, just don't know any better... cuz THIS is not a game. We're still seperating the boys from the men!
    *'scuse me while I recycle this Mitzi Moment...*