Monday, February 2, 2009

you can bet on that...

Okay seriously? These pinktoes are outta hand, you hear me? Let a little economy crunch come along and they can't handle the stress AT ALL. Just turning on each other like a barrell of crabs, I tell you.

Why did 'ole girl show up to her own sister's wedding reception UNINVITED and then proceed to WHOOP that ass in front of family and guests??? I'm talking old school style- she dragged her sister to the ground, punched her in the head and proceeded to rip out tufts of hair for good measure!
Cause the Lord knows I love Maury as much as the next trash TV obsessed viewer but this right here is damn near beyond Jerry Springer/ trailer park/ coal miner's daughter type behavior.
Not for nothing, $5 says the sister's new husband is Annemarie's ex-boyfriend/ good for nothing baby daddy. And he probably forgot to tell her that they were broken up. Mmm-hmmm, don't trip. You know you were thinking the same exact thing...


  1. but my favorite is that teh sis worked for 911... the irony is killing me

  2. Mitzi you are off the chain...for real. You have my ass rollin every read.