Tuesday, February 3, 2009

about to be bigger than the botkier bag..

Okay for all my Gossip Girl obsessed friends, did everybody see that navy brocade skirt that Blair was wearing for the majority of the show last night? HOT. Well turns out that it's actually a piece from this really exclusive French line called BGN of which my BGB (bestest gay boyfriend) since our more scandalous days at FAMU, Geoffrey Payton happens to be the North American Sales Director. Mmm-hmmm...

So you know as soon as I found that out I had to put a call in to try and work something out (cause that's what we folks do). And it turns out that the new spring line is here and popping! Unfortunately, its waaaay out of the kid's budget at the moment, but please feel free to check it out. At least you'll be able to spot the pieces the next time you see them on the pages of US Weekly and whatnot. http://www.bgn.fr/

Oh and don't say I ain't never put you up on nothing!


  1. www.BGN.fr

    Thanks for the shout out, here's the right web info

  2. it's a recession...when's the sample sale?

    The Real mini-me