Friday, February 13, 2009

lather, rinse, repeat...

Oh RayJ. Sigh.

Of all the random low-life folks being given a dating reality show, YOUR dumbass is the one that gets caught up in a paternity suit? Seriously? And to make matters worse, its the chick with the big ass tattoo on her face nicknamed 'Danger'? I can't.
But wait on it... Somehow or another ('cause miracles and mindblowing BJs do really exist), this low-rent Mel B has now managed to become engaged to Nick Cannon's brother, Gabriel. Which brings me to the most shocking part of this post- who da hell knew Nick Cannon even had a brother???
Uugh, it's all so dirty. Excuse me while I go take a shower.


  1. LOL .... I can't believe that you even waist your time watching that crap...V

  2. These ethnic people and their ethnic ways...

  3. Nothing RayJ does surprises me anymore! He just seems to crave any kind of attention be it the lowest of the low...or the nastiest of the nasty.

    ...and now this..~~sigh~~...I am not surprised!!!

  4. It must be Nicks dads because I always thought his mom only had him. He never talked about a brother...but I bet its rays baby...I just bet.

  5. Not only does Nick have a brother, but MiMi is supposed to be featured on a few tracks from baby brother-in-law's upcoming album. Ain't nepotism grand?!

  6. girl I LOL at this....its sumthin wrong wit u