Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Um hi. I'm looking for my waistline, have you seen it? It disappeared sometime shortly after August and hasn't been shown any kind of definition since.

I'm beginning to worry because according to the all the damn catalogs and invitations that keep flooding my mailbox, bikini/ wedding season is around the corner. And considering I don't have a baby to blame there's really no excuse for the bulge that insists on making its prescence known over the top of my jeans. Not at all.

So seriously, if you live uptown and belong to NYSC, please holla at the kid. Cause I'm in desperate need of a focused workout buddy to help with the search.


  1. Sorry that i don't live that way, will love to help you out ... lost 18 pounds have another 10-15 more to go .... JAMAICA here i come ... V :-)

  2. If your willing to bring it downtown were a go (51 & Lex). I need to drop 10 before I go to Jamaica on March 18th. Pray for me!


  3. I might be down to go with you, but they always give me stank looks for having McD's sweet tea in my water bottle

  4. I was looking for my waistline back in December but I've been shining a light and I think I have an answer to where it might be. If I'm lucky, I'll have it back in April!