Tuesday, February 24, 2009

don't let the spandex fool ya...

My god when is the summer coming? This cold weather is K-I-L-L-I-N-G me I tell you.

It's gotten so bad, I don't even believe the sunshine when I see it. It's like: yeah, yeah, yeah all them blue skies and rays of light are just trickery to get me to leave my warm and toasty apartment for the frigid outdoors. Damn that. Like I always say, can't nothing good happen below 75 degrees.

On the flipside, in anticipation of the day I actually get to wear a sundress or pair of shorts, I've decided to re-enlist in my local bootcamp workout program- AGAIN (http://www.truecontrolfitness.com/). Yeah, yeah, I know, why in the world would my lazy ass voluntary wake up at 5.30a just to be worked out like an endentured slave for 90 minutes four days a week? Ummm.... cause bootcamp is way cheaper than replacing the cute clothes. And there's nothing uglier than the ill fitting baby-t. Mmm-hmm, exactly.

Thankfully, this program is only three weeks long (as opposed to the normal six week session). So praise the Lord, there's a light at the end of the tunnel. Sorta.... Check back in with me next week after we've hit the track to do countless wind sprints and I attempt to run a mile and a half in under twelve minutes.

Pray for me ya'll...

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  1. It's cheaper to go to the gym than to have to be a whole new wardrobe. That's my motto....