Thursday, February 19, 2009

ain't nothing wrong w an encyclopedia...

So we've all heard about these shady college recruiters trolling social networking with the sole intention of catching kids in incriminating pictures and subsequently ruining their entire lives, right? You know the trajectory: a promising, all American, straight-A student whose done everything the right way her entire life doesn't get accepted at the school of her choice because of a random topless photo she took with the Mexican pool boy during Spring Break in Cancun. Instead she is forced to stay home, attend a community college and wait tables for book money. Fast forward 5 years and she's now the town drunk who's always hanging out at the local bar talking about how she was voted Prom Queen? Straight tragedy.

But what you know about the Facebook Sabatoge?

Wait on it... that's a new trend where cutthroat teens are now SENDING college recruiters the links to incriminating Facebook photos of their fellow peers just cut down on the competition! Take that, take that!

Mmm-hmm, you know what I think? Hell hath no fury like a stressed out, overachieving teenager trying to get into their first choice school! I thank my lucky stars every damn day that there was no such thing as cell phones, social networking or even an internet when I was in high school. Forreal, forreal.

Cause seriously? As far as I'm concerned, if the grades and extra-curricular are correct, the rest shouldn't even matter. Damn the series of keg parties you and your friends organize in the school parking on Saturday nights. As long as you can sober up, put on a suit, and talk a good game when that snooty recruiter came for the home visit on Sunday evening, you deserve to go to college. This is America goddammit.


  1. That's a damn shame. I am so thankful every day that I just missed the wave of ubiquitous camera phones, social networking, and all that jazz. BlackPlanet was the most serious thing we had! Otherwise, I'd probably be jobless and homeless...along with most other folks of our generation. I mean think about what this did to Mikey Phelps. People are haterific!

  2. Thanks for that post! I'm a college administrator so trust me when I tell you that I know all about that. It has gotten so bad that our student activities office just had a Facebook roundtable discussion with the student body! I thank God every day that when I got to college Hotmail just took over and nobody truly cared about who your top 5 were!