Wednesday, February 4, 2009

my own personal craigslist...

This is a really random question but when was the last time anyone tried to find a pair of pantyhose? No, I'm not talking tights- lord knows I wear a pair of those damn near every single day during the winter.

When I say pantyhose, I mean honest-to-goodness nude, taupe, sandy beige colored stockings. As in, last seen on a rerun of The Golden Girls... Yeah, I didn't think it was going to be that many.

Well anyhoo, I'm on the hunt for a pair. And I have absolutely no idea what brand makes realistic colors for women of color. Last time I can remember actually wearing a pair that sorta kinda matched was when I spent a summer interning at an investment bank. Mmm-hmm, you can feel free to add that to the list of 25 Random Things You Didn't KNow About Me.

So will someone please point me in the right direction? Brand and retail store specifics... I do not want to waste hours of my life shoving my hand in and out of all those half-hose testers, spend $15 I could use to buy Drama some dog food, only to get home and realize that the sheer sun-kiss almond makes my legs look like those of dead people.


  1. Okay, for starters, I never wear pantyhose. And when I used to I would always ruin them so I stay away from expensive ones. Long story short, try K-mart, for ones with different deniers (how thick or thin a stocking is) try Victoria's Secret. I used to work there and they were pretty good.

  2. I used to wear Berkshire... they have a nice selection of colors that work with brown skin... Macy's.

  3. i have a nice black sheer pair of "no-nonesense" that's the brand that are sold in rite aid/duane reade...can't help you on the brown skin tones...that ends up being a hot frustrated mess....travoya

  4. Macy's, Hanes, Gentlebrown, Hazlenut or Cocoa. Much much harder to find nowadays but the best match for brown folks I have found. Buy a handful and never look back. You can probably also order online

  5. I second the Hanes Gentlebrown for summertime - No nonsense 'Suntan' for winter. If they have a Hanes/Leggs outlet in NY you can get about 3 pairs in a pack for $7.