Tuesday, February 17, 2009

education changes lives..

So it turns out that 78% of you guys are more than willing to take a class to improve your oral sex skills. Yay way to show enthusiasm ladies!! I say, more efficient and better blowjob techniques for everyone! But on the forreeal, forreal, I sincerely hope that some of these positive responses came from the men as well (surprise, surprise boys have mitzimoments too). Because lord knows, over the years I've certainly come across more than my fair share of negroes that weren't hitting on nada in the oral department. And that right there is the WORST- all that pulling and tugging and slopping and acting crazy, when the reality is you're just staring at the ceiling wishing it would be the hell over before he tears something important... Mm-hmm, matter of fact, make that the ABSOLUTE WORST.

I'm really curious about the 27% who think that their skills are good enough for what you're trying to do. Okay, bump the word curious; I'm SCARED of ya'll. Cause in the times we live, I don't know if I could just sit back and relax on the skill set I already have. Maybe it's the perfectionist in me but I just think that especially when it comes to 'relations', you're only as good as your last Big-O. So if the classes are available (and they so are: http://www.babeland.com/), why not keep reaching for your inner porn star?

*Unless of course your head game is SOSOSOSO tight you can suck a spit ball back into your mouth after shooting it halfway across the room. Then by all means, let me shut da hell up and mind my what? Business.

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  1. Interesting. I missed the poll, but I suppose I'm apart of the 78%. If anything, it'd be interesting to hear someone giving instruction on it. lol I can only imagaine.