Wednesday, February 11, 2009

time to upgrade...

Is it bad that I feel more relieved than not to be single this Valentine's Day? 'Cause it's true. Call me cheap but I don't wanna spend money on anyone besides myself right about now- especially since there's this pair of hot pink mirrored Louboutins that I've been eyeballing like our country is not in a freaking recession and they don't cost more than a month's rent. Sigh.

But if I was caught up in this year's Hallmark holiday craziness, you know what I would be asking for, right?? Some freaking private cooking classes! Mmm-hmmm, you read that right. All Mitzi wants for V-Day is for somebody else to pay for me to turn how to really, really burn in the kitchen.

Don't get it twisted, push come to shove I can handle the must-haves: a juicy steak, succulent salmon, banging fried chicken, etc. But in addition to pleasing the hell out of my own greedy self, I wanna learn how to make that ignorant restaurant level type meal to impress the boys. 'Cause we all know, being able to cook damn near triples your worth on the relationship market.
So if you actually have a loved one or simply love yourself, let me recommend a gift that will keep on giving- private cooking lessons w the Yum Yum Chefs These folks are the TRUTH. They're young, fun and will help you turn it out for under $100 per person, just give them a call. Oh and did I mention they also make these AMAZING cupcakes? Sigh, we LOVE.

Just don't forget to invite me over for dinner afterwards...


  1. So...for $20k a year I can have my own personal chef cook me a meal a day? LOVES IT! Mitzi, When I'm "old money" rich I'll be gifting this all year! Love you!


  2. Hello! May God bless you and keep you and He may answer you prayers today! God bless!