Monday, February 2, 2009

like whiplash...

Yo, karma is the truth. Even as all signs were pointing to a no-go for my speaking engagement at Sojourner Truth Middle School last Wednesday- blizzard, bad hair, and oh yeah, the fact that I had no idea why a bunch of middle school kids would give two cents about what I do for a living since I'm not Beyonce or dating Chris Brown.

But instead of opting out, I just thought to myself, 'What Would Michelle Do?' and I kept it moving. (You like that, right?)

Well, not only did I end up having a great time with the kids- Lord knows there's no bigger ego boost than winning over group of pre-teens whose parents sent them to school on a snow day- BUT later on in the day I received an email from my editor at Scholastic. And guess what?

HOTLANTA has offically been selected for not one but TWO of the American Library Association's 2008 top teen book lists: Quick Picks For Reluctant Readers and Popular Paperbacks (fame &fortune category)!!! Which means- drumroll, please- school librarians nationwide think my teen book series is the fire!!

WOO HOO! Go Mitzi, get busy! Go Denene, it's ya birfday! WOO HOO!

So if you haven't already copped your copy of HOTLANTA or it's sequel, IF ONLY YOU KNEW, now is the time! At $8.99, cheap as hell as a fantabulous read.


  1. This is SO EXCITING!!!! Congratulations honey.
    You are doing BIG THINGS

  2. *insert picture of Denene doing the running man here*

  3. Congrats!! Teens are not easy to please!

  4. That is hot! Congratulations to you both! And you would be right. I like that "what would Michelle do?"

  5. Aww congratulations!!! I like the "What would Michelle do?" too ;-)