Tuesday, November 4, 2008

this is our moment...

Omigod, I'm more anxious about voting than going on a first date! Since my eyes snapped open at 7am, all I've been able think about is what's going to happen when Barack wins (its going to be a nationwide block party popping off) and what I'm going to wear to the poll (cause you know I'm taking pictures in the booth!)
On the way to the gym, I overheard a couple of men commenting that the lines to vote uptown are off the chain. And then, this woman in my step & sculpt class said that she'd never seen so many young people come out to vote. So I feel very encouraged.

On the flip side, I passed my local voting poll twice (to and from the gym) and there was nobody outside. Which is not such a good thing. Hopefully when the corner boys and baby mamas get up around three o'clock things will change... In any case, I will be ringing Gladys's door and making sure that she and her son mosey on up the road to vote, even if I have to stay in her apartment and babysit her bad ass grandson.

Okay, okay, enough procrastinating.... I'm off to BA-ROCK the VOTE!

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