Wednesday, November 5, 2008

the real game changer...


I can barely type these words without tearing up. For the first time ever, I truly understand what people mean when they say they are proud to be American.

I guess I'll start by stating the obvious. From now on, there are NO excuses. We are "The Man." It's time for folks to step our game up. This is the window of opportunity generations of people before us dreamed of, shame on anyone who doesn't take FULL advantage of this moment. Get focused, the time is now.

But I do think there was a less obvious but just as important statement made last night. And so let me be the first to acknowledge and thank, Barack and Michelle for single handedly redefining the face of Black love. His shout out to her in his victory speech brought tears to my eyes.

I just hope that all the amazing Black men that I know who continue to insist that it's too difficult to date/love a strong Black woman were paying close attention. The most powerful man in this country just willingly acknowledged that he needed one of us by his side to make it through. Not as a jump-off, baby mama, home girl, etc but as his best friend, wife and the mother of his kids. Michelle is Barack's first choice.

And I can't just blame the guys. I take full responsibility for my some of my bad dating decisions and a lot of the ridiculous compromises that I have made over the years. But like my mom said, it was all fun and games... until today. I'm about to pull together forreal, forreal.

POP, POP, POP!!! That's the sound of the bottles party people! See you in DC on Jan 20th!!


  1. this is our "first family"!!!!! It feels like a dream

  2. The way Pres looks at her ...
    I adore them separately and together, man, you know we was all tearing when he shouted her out

  3. "THEY SAID" Alot of things but proof is in the President Elect B.H.O. We did the dam thing-Its just the start of a new world thinking. Its TIME people-The words my "PRESIDENT IS BLACK" is now reality, change is here!!