Tuesday, November 4, 2008

the die is cast...

After much ado, I finally made it to the poll. WOO HOO, Go Obama!!!!
I swear I must've changed outfits like a thousand times. I finally settled on my official Obama '08 t-shirt for good luck. I swear I grinned like an ass the entire 2 blocks to my precinct. BUt what made me even happier was the 7 corner boys in line ahead of me, getting ready to make the magic happen.

CNN is turned on and the champagne is now chilling....


  1. Yes!!! I was so excited about voting that I documented it on Youtube. It was astonishing to see everyone out voting this morning. Absolutely indescribable.

  2. It's beautiful. Point blank. Period. Finally, we getting serious about things. We're not just talking. We're doing. I talked about it today. Couldn't resist.