Monday, November 17, 2008

everybody has a thing...

And for those that know me, it's definately my birthday a.k.a Worldwide Mitzi Day!

So after kicking off my Jesus year celebration (if you don't know about that, you better ask somebody) with a fabulous night of dinner and dancing with the girls, I'm headed out of the country to keep my party going for the next week.

No worries, while I'm gone I'll be thinking of even more ridiculous moment mindset questions to leave you frustrated as all get out. And yes, when I get back we will definately discuss the 58% of you that want a partner who's entire body stinks versus the 41% who voted for a nice person with the yuck mouth.

Till then, don't forget to vote in this week's poll question! You've got seven days, make it happen!

Till then.....


  1. Happy Birthday, I know you know how to celebrate so enjoy yourself.

    Diana B

  2. Happy Birthday! Enjoy your time away...

  3. Happy Birthday, who ever you are!