Monday, November 10, 2008

next comes the ark...

Alrighty then... It seems the euphoria three-fourths of this country continues to experience after Obama's decisive victory last Tuesday night, doesn't necessarily extend to the rest of the world. Because yesterday afternoon over in Jerusalem a big ass brawl popped off inside of the Church of the Holy Sepulcher (alledgedly the spot where Jesus was crucified).
I'm talking tear down, drag out, beat 'em up fight that only ended when the Israeli police storm the holy site with machine guns and pulled folks apart. But wait on it, guess who was up in God's house throwin Ds like they were back at The Tunnel back in 1992???... Freaking monks!!!

Under normal circumstances I would ask Jesus to take the wheel. But for some reason, I feel like he may have left the building on this one. Read the story and light a candle.

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  1. let me find out monks are the new gangs. that clip was hilarious! and just plain sad.