Thursday, November 6, 2008

light a candle...

As I grow older, I become increasingly grateful for all the "hands-on" discipline that I learned from my parents. I truly believe all those close encounters with the leather belt, plastic spatula, shoe, or whatever else my mom and dad could get their hands on really made me a productive member of society. As for those who don't believe that a quick smack makes all the difference, I humbly enter exhibit A:

"Shout out to the slave masters! Without them we'd still be in Africa. We wouldn't be here to get this ice and tattoos" - Soulja Boy to journalist Toure when asked what historical figure he dislikes the most.

You see? That right there? That is a young man who CLEARLY does not respect the power of the wide leather belt or the twist and pull pinch on the back of your arm. Trust, you will never hear statements like that from those who truly understand the following equation:

"not thinking + stupid talk= big painful welts on your butt"

And to think, he said it to the press on the red carpet? I. Can't.

We have a long way to go my people...


  1. Of all that is good and holy .... Jesus needs to be the strap that goes across that young man's ass for saying something so ignorant. And do you know the worst part is? He thought it was cool! My 2 year old niece has more sense than that. Hell my dog has more sense than that!

  2. The true travesty is that someone cared enough about his dumb ass to put a microphone in front of his mouth and capture his words. But really, did we expect him to say anything remotely intelligent? I mean, he is the musical genius behind "crank that souljaboy," right? Ugh. I'd happily administer the pinch and the ass whoopin'. I got a tree with a whole BUNCH of primo switches just waiting for his dumb behind.

  3. so upset...

    never hate on my E.B.P. uppity standards. never.

    down with swagger sans sense.

  4. I couldn't agree more with Denene. What can we expect from someone who unapologetically makes ignorant music? (clearly so he can buy that ice he was referring to)
    It's a problem that our society gives extra airtime to foolish celebrities about things clearly beyond their comprehension. Like do we need to hear Paris Hilton's thoughts on Darfur? I'd like to pop them both in the mouth.

  5. Blind lead the blind. If your parent(s) didn't teach em to go watch T.V. instead of go read a book this is the outcome our future. Foolishness that deserves a open hand SLAP.

  6. Mitzi, I love that you read The Daily Beast too. It's my morning paper.