Tuesday, November 11, 2008

on fire...

Who didn't see Michelle Obama's fly red dress yesterday??? I swear, Elsa called me mid-shift from the hospital all excited talking about, "Did you see the dress???" I could barely say hello before she blurted her question out. And for those who don't really understand, let me put it in perspective: My mother who probably should've been in the middle of helping somebody breathe while they were sedated had to take a moment to call and cut up about how dope The future first lady looked. How crazy is that???

If Barack thinks he's under pressure, god bless poor Michelle. She has been saddled with the hopes and dreams of every fashion conscious Black woman since she stepped out in that breath taking purple sheath/ black leather belt combo. Remember her KILLING homey ass Elisabeth on The View with the black and white dress?? Act don't like I'm the only one who wanted to back slap her and Narcisco Rodriguez for that unfortunate red and black number she wore last Tuesday night!! My god if it didn't feel almost sacrilegious to say anything negative about election night, folks would have been eating her ALIVE.

All along, through the various tie-dyed, flower on the collar, bows on her neck fiascos I've been keep my head down and praying that this was simply a deliberate decision to dumb down her fashion sense and not a sign of bad things to come. I could see the side eye she was giving when Barack said, "Baby, you know the coal miner's daughter don't know nothing about those Sergio Rossi stiletos. Can you just please do this for me? Pretty please??" She definitely took one for the team.
But today sisters are vindicated. Michelle aka the Black Jackie O is back with a vengeance. When Barack helped her out of the limo, tears came to my eyes. You can't tell me that Laura Bush wasn't looking like the ultimate Washed Out White Woman next to Michelle's statuesque 'Me and Mine's Are Straight Taking Over." And I'll bet President Bush was jealous as hell. Like, damn Laura why you ain't never, ever, ever look like that!!
I'm telling you, Barack and Michelle making Black women the fire everyday all day.


  1. OK, nuff about Ms. Obama and her fabulos look(woot woot, went to my H.S.) I need pics of the Halloween outfit please, at least on the roundup. It will convince me to add to my collection of Hotlanta books before x-mas, lol.

  2. Ya know...I did not like that black and red dress either.

  3. LMAO at blackie O....The NY times has a whole slide show about michelle's style...

    like all of us, she has good days and bad days. but for real, who the h*ll cares what the world says about your dress when your man looks at you with so much love...