Friday, November 7, 2008

all up in my head...

You know what? Folks do not play about their hair.

Whether it's long, short, weaved, permed or even natural, 68% weren't willingly to change up the 'do for anybody besides your damn self. And I am not mad atcha. Lord only knows what I go through to get my hair looking halfway decent and here you go. Talking about what YOU like. Uh-uh, no sir. Until you start ponying up the $250 a week for Edris to work her magic on this nappy head of mine... and even then. I have one thing to say: Mind. Ya. Business.

But, I commend the 31% of you who admit that you are open to the idea of changing up your hairstyle. Compromise is an important tool in relationship building. And there's no point in denying that most men have very distinct taste in hair and often decide who they will (or won't) date based on them. I see the vision. I just can't sip the Kool-Aid.

All tomfoolery aside, for most of us it's a bigger issue than how we choose to style our hair. I am not anti-change or compromise if it's gonna make my significant other happy. After all, it is just hair. It will grow back (we hope). I just think asking me to cut/grow/weave/perm my hair feels like a sly way of saying, 'Actually, I don't like the way you look.' And if that's how you really feel, then we probably need to re-evaluate our situation.

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  1. i'm right with you! i wouldn't change my hair for my significant other. it's my hair, my way. if he doesn't like it, then maybe he should see less of it ;)