Monday, November 3, 2008

don't say i didn't ask...

How exhausting is this statement? "Girls from down South are nicer than girls from up north." Feel free to insert a deep sigh. But as a favor to my boy Jelani, I posed it to you guys after we spent a good hour on the IM debating whether he-who believes that Southern women are "softer" than Northern women- is in the majority.

Turns out he is not alone.
Only 30% of you think that region doesn't make a difference in how women treat a partner, etc.

69% believe women have distinctly different dating behaviors depending on where they grew up. Now whether or not "niceness" or "the ability to take care of their man" is one of them, I'm not so sure.

For the record, I've met quite a few mean ass, raggedy chicks from down south during my days at FAMU. And every last one of them claims to be a true Southern belle. And I'm willing to bet the house that any of the guys dating my girlfriends from up north have ZERO complaints about their ability to handle the business.


  1. Mean people suck, nice people swallow. What kind of person are you?

  2. I'm from the North, but was raised by two Southern folks. Now I live in the South. I got the goods all the way 'round! But if you're an evil ass, it doesn't matter where you're from--you're raggedy and nobody wants you mean behind anyway. Would you like more mint in that julep?

  3. We are nicer or at least the mean things we say sound sweeter with a drawl.